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Carbon Engineering, Ltd.

Carbon Engineering (CE) is a climate solutions company. CE is focused on the global deployment of large-scale Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology that captures carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the atmos . . read more

Fluid Technology Solutions (FTS) Inc.

John Tracy
P: 978-395-1590

"At FTS H2O we focus on helping industrial customers unlock process water from unconventional sources -- reuse of plant effluent, high recovery, brackish groundwater desalination, enhanced water re . . read more

MicroBio Engineering, Inc.

John Benemann | CEO
P: 805-242-3540

MicroBio Engineering Inc. is a research, development and commercialization company in te field of microalgae and biological CO2 capture and utilization, including air sources.

Precision Combustion, Inc.

Stewart Rosenberg | Direct Air Capture
P: 203-287-3700

Company focuses on providing a total solution in the direct air capture space, incorporating expertise in sorbent development, integrated with other critical components including but not limited to s . . read more