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John Perez Graphics & Design, LLC

John Perez | President
P: 972-231-7776

John Perez Graphics & Design, LLC is a 27-year-old visual media company that provides exceptional graphic design, 3D animation and marketing services to technical and geoscience industries in a . . read more


Doug McClure | Vice President of Corporate Development
P: 210-600-5781

Ozona CCS 19026 Ridgewood Parkway, Suite 200 San Antonio, TX78259 Doug McClure, Vice President of Corporate Development Phone (210-319-6260) [email protected]

SCS Engineers

Monte Markley | Vice President
P: 316-315-4501 | F: 913-681-0012

SCS Engineers is an environmental consulting firm that designs and implements sustainable environmental solutions. We study challenges and design solutions. One of our core focuses is carbon captur . . read more

Vault 44.01

Hugh Caperton | Vice President of Land & Business Development
P: 304-594-8084

Vault 44.01 is a leading carbon capture & storage (“CCS”) developer focused on the development, capitalization, and operation of carbon storage assets throughout North America. Vaul . . read more

Advanced Organic Methods LLC

Russel Adams | Managing Member
P: 530-304-2147

Biomass thermal conversion since 2011, offering patented PyroBoost(tm) retrofits of biomass power plants to sequester carbon in biochar, and patent pending PyroFormer(tm) technology for new biomass pl . . read more

Associated Carbon Technologies, Inc.

Charles Laws | Director of Development
P: 0006834341

– Utilize photosynthesis. The most efficient and economic direct air sequestration. – Let plants capture atmospheric carbon dioxide and convert it to a biological ore. – Reduce the ore by smel . . read more

Biochar Now LLC

James Gaspard | CEO
P: 303-882-3561

Producer of high quality biochar from non-merchantable wood.

Biomass Controls PBC

Jeff Hallowell | Founder
P: 860-315-5735

Biomass Controls provides decentralized rapid nutrient recovery and treatment for green resources including, manure, textiles, food and excreta. Biomass Controls patents are based on protecting the . . read more

Carbon Vault Holdings LLC

James Dodson | Vice President
P: 303-376-3607

Carbon Sequestration Services in North Dakota


Malcolm Kent | Head of Carbon Storage
P: 4401492581811

CGG is a global technology and HPC leader that provides data, products, services and solutions in Earth science, data science, sensing and monitoring. We offer integrated geoscience solutions to iden . . read more


Bryan Eagle | CEO
P: 901-312-7700

Glanris is a climate-tech company that manufactures a patented, sustainable, low-cost biochar from agricultural waste for use in water filtration, asphalt, and concrete aggregates and as a soil ame . . read more


Mark Patton | President
P: 432-561-8979

Hydrozonix is an ozone-based water treatment company that has developed and patented a CO2 sequestration technology call nanoCO2. Allowing existing disposal wells to be dual purpose for CO2 sequestrat . . read more


Fred Murrell | Chairman
P: 941-725-2696

Rizome stores carbon in structural building materials that it manufactures from timber grade giant bamboo planted on deforested lands as a nature based carbon capture solution. Bamboo stores large . . read more

Salof Ltd., Inc.

Randy Elson & Bob Luhrs | Vice President of Operations/President
P: 830-225-1744

Salof LTD., Inc., manufacture Modular CO2, LPG, LNG Liquefaction Plants, and Low-Temperature Process Refrigeration Systems, all of which, are supplied with complete controls integration (PLC and HMI) . . read more