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United States Biochar Initiative

Thomas Miles | Executive Director
P: 503-780-8185

Non-profit organization promoting the cost-effective use of biochar for carbon removal. Biochar is charcoal made from biomass for use in soil and the built. It is used in soil and growing media to . . read more

Advanced Biofuels USA

Joanne Ivancic | Executive Director
P: 301-644-1395

Advanced Biofuels USA, a nonprofit educational organization advocates for the adoption of advanced renewable fuels as an immediate energy security, economic development, climate change mitigation a . . read more

AgCountry Farm Credit Services

Jessica Bernstien | Vice President
P: 701-499-2633

AgCountry provides financing to agribusinesses.

American Coalition for Ethanol

Anna Carpenter | Member Services Coordinator
P: 605-334-3381

The American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) is powered by people from all walks of life who work shoulder-to-shoulder to develop new markets and mobilize grassroots support for expanding ethanol use. . . read more

Area 52

Adam Wathen |
P: 949-981-8669

Area 52 is a popular cannabis brand known for its high-quality products and innovative extraction techniques. Among its many product offerings, Area 52 is best known for its Delta-8-THC extracts, whic . . read more


Jon Cartlidge | Commercial Sales Director
P: 614-424-3508

Trust Battelle’s multi-disciplinary subsurface teams to cost-effectively move your carbon capture and storage project from plan to operations. We offer ethanol producers an option that is good for t . . read more

Center of Sustainable Agroforestry

Tom Cunilio | Elephant Grass Production
P: 352-376-6265

CoSAF has experience growing clonal cultivars of seedless P. purpureum from USDA and UFL. It owns planting material in north FL. Biomass energy at two local power plants are potential purchasers. Pric . . read more

Hexas Biomass

Wendy Owens | CEO
P: 360-890-0775

Farm-to-Fiber plant based materials that are a nature based fiber solution tailored to replace and supplement woods, food crops for fuel, and fossil fuel-based raw materials in many applications at . . read more

Natural Resources Research Institute, University of Minnesota

Patrick Schoff |
P: 218-788-2768

The Natural Resources Research Institute is a unique, integrated, applied research entity, part of the University of Minnesota research enterprise. Research spans three Strategic Initiatives: Ecosy . . read more

PCL Industrial Services, Inc.

Corey Hartwig | Project Engineering Manager
P: 760-382-7936

PCL is an EPC and construction leader that can be your solution provider for your project. Schedule a meeting with us if you are open to learning more about PCL to get the process started. Areas of . . read more

Renewable Energy Institute

Monte Goodell | Carbon Capture & Sequestration
P: 832-758-0027

Renewable Energy Institute - advancing and supporting Renewable Energy and Renewable Energy Technologies since 2007.

The Carbon Capture & Storage Association

Judith Shapiro | Communications Manager
P: 4402030318750

The CCSA is the lead European association accelerating the commercial deployment of carbon capture, utilisation and storage through advocacy and collaboration. We work with members, governments and ot . . read more

The New York Blower Company

Ben Zastrow |
P: 630-794-5731

For 135 years, New York Blower has been one of the most trusted manufacturers of air-moving equipment, and why engineers and designers continue to depend on our durable and efficient products. Our lon . . read more

Vanguard Global Enterprises, Inc.

Y.Z. Lahav |
P: 727-710-1380

Commodity & Service Procurement Firm