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GECA Environnement

Melissa Leung | Director of Business Development
P: 418-265-8650

"Consulting firm specialized in biochar and pyrolysis, we are consultants and carbon project developers for carbon removals utilizing biochar. We market and sell these high-value credits. We work o . . read more

Life Cycle Associates, LLC

Stefan Unnasch | Managing Director
P: 650-461-9048

"Life Cycle Associates is an independent business and environmental consulting firm specializing in life cycle analysis of fuel production pathways. We help you analyze the complex nature of energy an . . read more

Merjent, Inc.

Paul Mordorski | Biofuels Sector Lead
P: 612-643-5249

Merjent, Inc., is an environmental and safety consulting firm at the forefront of carbon capture project development. We have extensive experience with pipeline permitting and routing, public particip . . read more