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BBI International Project Development

Customer Service
P: 701-746-8385

BBI Project Development can provide the information and answers you need to move your project forward whether you are starting from project conception or have a fully-operational facility. Our expe . . read more

SCS Engineers

Monte Markley | Vice President
P: 316-315-4501 | F: 913-681-0012

SCS Engineers is an environmental consulting firm that designs and implements sustainable environmental solutions. We study challenges and design solutions. One of our core focuses is carbon captur . . read more

Advanced Cryogenics, Ltd.

Sam Rushing | President
P: 305-852-2597 | F: 305-852-2598

The most experienced CO2 consultant to all CO2 subjects, sequestration, plant costs, requirements, merchant market usage; and market intelligence.Please let me apply my long and full experience cov . . read more

CaptureMap by Endrava

Eric Rambech | Co-founder
P: 45098123

CaptureMap is the starting point for all decarbonisation projects. Our map-based platform shows large CO2 emitters at facility-level, on a global scale. Product and service companies use CaptureMap to . . read more

Graves & Co. Consulting LLC

Bill Vail | Executive Vice President
P: 713-650-0811

Graves & Co. Consulting is a registered professional engineering firm providing reservoir evaluations and geological studies, financial analyses and technical evaluations. We support CCUS with geologi . . read more

Merjent, Inc.

Paul Mordorski | Biofuels Sector Lead
P: 612-643-5249

Merjent, Inc., is an environmental and safety consulting firm at the forefront of carbon capture project development. We have extensive experience with pipeline permitting and routing, public parti . . read more