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Exchanger Industries Limited

Paul Murphy | Senior Manager
P: 403-510-4200

"Since our founding in 1961, Exchanger Industries has built a reputation as a globally recognized designer and manufacturer of shell & tube and air-cooled heat exchangers in the gas, oil and pe . . read more

Conveyor Components Company

Rich Washkevich | Sales Manager
P: 810-679-4211 | F: 810-679-4510

Conveyor Components Company is a world-renowned manufacturer of quality conveyor accessories for the bulk material handling industry. Our product line ranges from conveyor controls, motion controls, . . read more

Energy Integration Inc., LLC

Bill Schafer | CEO
P: 303-517-2130

Energy Integration Inc. offers technology for improving process energy efficiency through integration and recapture of waste heat. We electrify, decarbonize, and save energy in industrial processes de . . read more

Jenike & Johanson, Inc.

Brina Pittenger | Vice President
P: 978-649-3300 | F: 978-649-3399

"Jenike & Johanson is a consulting and engineering firm specializing in the storage, flow, and processing of powders and bulk solids. We have the world's leading lab facilities for conducting flowabil . . read more

ProFlow, Inc.

Larry Bee | Vice President
P: 203-672-9327

Modular Fluid Process Equipment Design and Fabrication.

Diego Angelo | Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration
P: 919-747-1476

We enable farmers to access Carbon Credit Markets for Soil Organic Carbon sequestration