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A.T. Kearney

"Technologies, energy sources, and regulations are evolving faster than ever before. The rate of change is such that in 10 years’ time where we get our energy from, and what forms it takes, may all be unrecognizable. The way we see it? Less fear, more freedom to explore. It takes time, commitment, and investment. We can help you navigate the changes and define whole new fields of play. We work with our Energy Transition Institute to test out new ideas in real time. Build, test, adapt, improve. We believe consulting is a people business. As a firm with global partnership in more than 40 countries, our people make us who we are. Our promise is simple—to deliver the guidance you need to make real progress. Learn more at"

Abhirutu Consultants

India based Consulting Firm offering services in the fields of carbon emission, reduction, recycle, reuse to the industries. Working on a Patented technology for reducing carbon emission from internal combustion engines used in cars, trucks, ships, power generators, farming equipment, etc.

Advanced Biofuels USA

Advanced Biofuels USA, a nonprofit educational organization advocates for the adoption of advanced renewable fuels as an energy security, military flexibility, economic development and climate change mitigation/pollution control solution. Our key tool is our web site,, with a more than 40,000-item online library, a resource for all from opinion-leaders, decision-makers and legislators to industry professionals, investors, feedstock growers and researchers; as well as journalists, teachers and students. We prepare technology and policy assessments, brief government staff, participate in conferences and lecture. Technology neutral and feedstock and product agnostic, our work is respected around the world.

Advanced Cryogenics, Ltd.

Carbon dioxide consultants to all forms of CO2 projects and CCS

Advanced Cyclone Systems

"Advanced Cyclone Systems, S.A. (ACS) is a company exclusively dedicated to the development and commercialization of high efficiency cyclone systems, worldwide. The company works in a very close cooperation with its clients in order to design custom made cyclone systems that really solve their unmet needs. Apart from supplying cyclones, ACS has grown to be a turnkey project provider in any part of the world. Technologies Include · Hurricane - Numerically optimized cyclones, considering particle agglomeration; · ReCyclone MH - Optimized cyclones with mechanical recirculation · ReCyclone EH Optimized cyclones with electrostatic recirculation."

Aequor Inc.

Aequor developed technologies that boost by 40 % biomass from renewable feedstocks (algae, plant fermentation) for conversion into biofuels, biobased products. These technologies adapt to all sizes and types of biomass production systems and eliminating the costs of biocides/antibiotics and reducing downtime, and costs of energy, water and labor. For open pond algae cultivation, the technologies provide crop protection against predators. Aequor is a member of the DOE DISCOVR Consortium and products have been validated at the Sandia National Lab, etc.

AgCountry Farm Credit Services

Relationship Lenders in the renewable fuels industry.

American Coalition for Ethanol

The American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) is powered by people who built an innovative industry that sustainably delivers clean fuel and valuable coproducts for a growing world. ACE works shoulder-to-shoulder to develop new markets and mobilize grassroots support for expanding ethanol use to drive down greenhouse gas emissions. We represent the priorities of community-based and farmer-owned ethanol plants. Our grassroots membership also includes product and service providers, commodity groups, cooperatives, individual farmers, and ethanol investors. Follow us on Twitter at @ACEethanol, @EthanolToday, @FlexFuelForward.

American Energy Enterprises, Inc.

American Energy Enterprises Inc is a developer, producer and research biofuels and biomass distiller, producer and distributor using cellulosic biomass and waste to develop clean energy.

Ampirical Solutions LLC

"Ampirical Solutions, LLC is a transmission and distribution design and design-build (EPC) firm with Licensure in 95% of the US States primarily specializing in high voltage electrical substations, switchyards, and transmission/distribution lines for Large Scale Power Projects providing: - Electrical/civil/structural engineering - Procurement/logistics - Project/construction management - Construction - Commissioning Please feel free to visit our website for more information. Contact: Dave Mitchell National Sales Manager Email: [email protected] Phone: 985-789-6726"

ASISKYB s.a. de c.v.

"We are a consulting company, design and implementation of programs and Electrical power systems; Energy Saving and Efficiency; Engineering Industrial (Quality Assurance; Information) and Specialized Electrical (Coordination and Adjustments in Panels for Monitoring, Measurement, Communications, Control and Protections) for the Industrial and Commercial. Established since 1998, we have positioned ourselves as a major Systems service provider where throughout our development, our prestige has been consolidated thanks to our ability to respond to challenges of our clients and the preparation and commitment of our staff."

Avalon Energy Group LLC

Avalon Energy Group has been providing biorefinery technology, project design, development, and management services for a wide variety of renewable energy projects since 2005. Our project support team is made up of leading industry experts, technology providers, and EPC contractors with over 100 years of combined experience in the bioenergy industry both in the United States and globally.

Avisen Legal

Avisen is a boutique business law firm in Minneapolis that provides you with direct access to partner-level attorneys who work collaboratively to meet your business and legal goals. Our partners are veterans of AmLaw 200 Firms and sophisticated corporate legal departments. We care deeply about our clients and provide them with personal attention and tailored advice. We have the breadth and depth of experience to handle your most complex transactions, and the structure and innovative approach to provide practical and efficient advice to meet your day-to-day legal needs.

Babcock & Wilcox

"Established in 1867, Babcock & Wilcox (B&W) is a global leader in renewable, environmental and thermal technologies and services for power and industry. We continue to meet the challenges of providing low-carbon technology solutions. Our suite of ClimateBright™ decarbonization technologies includes SolveBright™ post-combustion carbon capture which absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2) directly from flue gas in an absorber using a regenerable solvent; OxyBright™ oxygen-combustion; BrightGen™ hydrogen combustion; and the BrightLoop™ chemical looping process which isolates CO2 for storage/sequestration or beneficial use while producing desirable outputs such as hydrogen, steam and/or syngas."

Barnhart Crane & Rigging

Barnhart has grown to be one of the largest Heavy Lift and Heavy Transport organization in the United States with more than 56 locations across the country and a nationwide reputation for solving problems. Barnhart provides world-class service through a local presence. Operated crane rental, rigging services, outage planning, specialized solutions for component replacement, industrial storage and national project cargo logistics all combine to ensure Barnhart's customers receive the lowest total project cost. Barnhart also boasts one of the largest engineering teams in the industry — including a full R&D department — driving innovation across all services.

BASNA d.o.o.

"Producer of certified Biochar with the option to acquire Carbon Credits. Our Biochar is mixed with enzymes for improved animal performance. Increasing milk production by 3 liters per day in average. Increasing growth rates for broilers and pigs."

BBI International Project Development

BBI Project Development can provide the information and answers you need to move your project forward whether you are starting from project conception or have a fully-operational facility. Our experience and knowledge in the conventional and advanced biofuels and bioenergy industries is unsurpassed.

Biobased USA Pico Ag Carbon Capture

Carbon Capture by increasing plant size and increase revenue to the farmers!

Biochar Now LLC

We produce high quality carbon from waste wood and generate approximately 3 tons of carbon dioxide removal credits with each ton a carbon we produce with our patented production technology. We sell our generated carbon credits to corporations that need to purchase those credits.

Biodiesel & Renewable Diesel Summit

The Biodiesel & Renewable Diesel Summit is a forum designed for biodiesel and renewable diesel producers to learn about cutting-edge process technologies, new techniques and equipment to optimize existing production, and efficiencies to save money while increasing throughput and fuel quality. Produced by Biodiesel Magazine, this world-class event features premium content from technology providers, equipment vendors, consultants, engineers and producers to advance discussion and foster an environment of collaboration and networking through engaging presentations, fruitful discussion and compelling exhibitions with one purpose, to further the biomass-based diesel sector beyond its current limitations.

Biodiesel Magazine

Biodiesel Magazine is a trade journal dedicated to objective, independent coverage of biodiesel news, events and information relevant to the global industry. With editorial focus on U.S. and international methyl ester manufacturing, trade, distribution and markets, Biodiesel Magazine also provides valuable insight into feedstock and market share competition from the non-ester renewable diesel sector.

Biomass Controls PBC

Biomass Controls PBC offers control technologies and innovations to enable rapid refinement of sanitation, agricultural and food outputs to treat pathogens, reduce greenhouse gasses, sequester carbon and improve soil health. Our Biogenic Refinery provides thermochemical treatment of high moisture materials such as manures, human excreta, agriculture residues and food waste to produce biochar. Our services provide Design, Technology Adoption Support, and Impact Measurement.

Biomass Magazine

Biomass Magazine is a monthly trade publication tailored to serve companies and organizations engaged in producing or utilizing biomass power and heat, advanced biofuels, biogas, wood pellets and biobased chemicals. In addition to policy, regulation, project finance, technology and plant management, the publication maintains a core editorial focus on biomass logistics: generating, cultivating, collecting, transporting, processing, marketing, procuring and utilizing sustainable biomass.

Biomass Secure Power Inc.

Biocoal producer, product customized to end user requirements. Power Plants 21.5GJ per tonne. Steel manufacturers 25GJ per tonne. BSP has one step patented process that allows us to control atmosphere inside fluid bed reactor.

BioMass Solution

"Biomass Solution (BMS) has a proven track record in project development and decarbonization technology implementation. BMS developed Red River Biorefinery (ag waste to ethanol) with the lowest CI score in US. Our mission is to bring financially and environmentally restorative, carbon negative solutions to problematic waste and residue. BMS is solving environmental problems, producing renewable energy, creating jobs, contributing to the local tax base, all while providing strong ROI. BMS has proven expertise in decarbonization via biomass pyrolysis to biochar, associated carbon removal credits, attainment, and monetization. We are here to assist in decarbonization projects."

Canadian Wood Waste Recycling Business Group

"Canadian Wood Waste Recycling Business Group. The Canadian Wood Waste Recycling Business Group., is a for profit business group, sole-proprietorship, membership supported and directed. We are made-up of global stewardship leaders, businesses, institutional partnerships, and supportive Canadian governments. In alliance we are building the Canadian Wood Recycling Industry to become a regulated Canadian Federal industry by the Government of Canada. We provide each member with essential business development resources, in order to build their specific presence in the Canadian Wood recycling industry. While strategically advancing each member's economic, social, and environmental business outcome. Call today"

Captis Aire LLC

Captis Aire LLC provides an industrial air pollution control technology that captures carbon from waste process exhaust air sources. The carbon we capture is the organic material released from wood drying, especially turpentine. It has been commercialized in many applications. This clean technology could enable operators to 1) Generate revenue by selling valuable organics, i.e. turpentine (terpenes) from wood, and carbon offsets, 2) Improve sustainability by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and 3) Reduce operating expenses primarily by reducing energy usage – especially natural gas. The technology works by adsorbing (capturing) pollutants on specialized Bead Activated Carbon. We have special expertise in wood processing.

Carbon America

"Carbon Capture is complex. Carbon America makes it simple. We offer a one-stop solution for Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS). Carbon America is the first vertically integrated company in the industry – a one-stop-shop of engineers, project managers, developers, and financiers focused on capturing more CO2 in shorter amounts of time and at lower costs. They develop and own CCS projects as well as have deep expertise to select and work with the best technology for the job. The company also offers its own proprietary carbon capture technologies which stand to dramatically lower both the cost and environmental impact of carbon capture."

Carbon Capture Magazine

Carbon Capture Magazine is an online news and data source designed specifically for companies and organizations advancing technologies that support the removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) from all sources, including fossil fuel-based power plants, ethanol production plants and industrial processes, as well as directly from the atmosphere. Our online news source gathers top stories, research, data, trends and information on all aspects of CCS with the goal to help companies build knowledge, connect with others, and better understand the market and carbon utilization.

Carbon Engineering, Ltd.

Carbon Engineering (CE) is a climate solutions company. CE is focused on the global deployment of large-scale Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology that captures carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the atmosphere so it can be permanently stored deep underground or used to produce clean, affordable transportation fuels. With its partners, CE is working to deploy large-scale, commercial DAC facilities in multiple markets around the globe. The first facility to utilize CE’s DAC solution is being deployed in the U.S. by 1PointFive, a development company formed by Oxy Low Carbon Ventures, and is expected to be capable of extracting one million tonnes of atmospheric CO2 annually once completed.

Carbon Storage Solutions

Front Range Energy's integrated carbon capture and sequestration operations

Carbon-Climate Change Related Domains

Carbon and Climate Change Related Domains available. Please email [email protected] for availability. Some examples:,,,, and many more.


We only have one planet and one atmosphere and at CarbonFree we are ready to roll up our sleeves and be part of the solution. Operating since 2015, SkyMine, San Antonio Texas, is the world’s first and largest industrial-scale carbon mineralization facility. Our SkyMine plant captures CO2 from cement flue gas, transforming it into carbon-negative baking soda. SkyCycle is CarbonFree’s second-generation technology providing a complete CCUS solution, solving the high cost of transport and storage infrastructure. We want to capture carbon from industrial emitters today - so that we can have a better planet and atmosphere tomorrow.

Cascadia Carbon

We build climate tech: tech enabled tools which include previously excluded individuals into the voluntary carbon offset market with tokenized carbon negative assets (#NFTrees) stored on a carbon neutral blockchain (CODEX).

CBA Environmental Services, Inc.

CBA Environmental Services, Inc. “A Low Carbon Solutions Provider” offers Remedial Biomass Solutions technology which includes an array of operational, maintenance, and production benefits. The RBS system is a modular, pre-combustion, drop-in system that produces biomass derived chemicals and products. RBS maximizes plant efficiency and carbon neutral attainment and is highlighted by a substantial reduction of CO2 emissions and utilizes one input to produce multiple decarbonized renewable energy outputs. RBS process is an approved technology under the IRS 45Q CCUS tax code. CBA strives to reduce the carbon footprint of our clients while optimizing plant operations resulting in reduced operating costs and increased corporate valuation.

CFO Systems LLC

CFO Systems is a team of CFO’s, controllers, bankers, accountants, finance, procurement and human resources directors offering our clients practical experience because we’ve been there. Combined, we have over 1,700 years of experience across multiple industries. We’ve led clients through mergers and acquisitions, turnarounds, restructuring, spend management, steep growth, capital raises, organizational changes and more. Our clients rely on us to be objective partners and strategic leaders who are as interested in seeing their organizations succeed as they are.

Commodity Talent LLC

"Hiring? Exploring? Let Us know... The Virus Hasn't Slowed Us Down! Commodity Talent LLC, a global executive search focusing on commodity roles across markets, strategies, front-to-middle-back offices, C-Suite corporate, celebrated its 13th birthday in January, 2022. Volatile markets, energy transition have created an unparalleled opportunity to learn and meet an endless parade of bright, enterprising people dedicated to ever-changing markets and unceasing efforts to stay one step ahead. -- Thorough searches for key commodity professionals to bolster clients' strategy. -- Personal attention and counseling for top talent seeking the best platform."

Conveyor Components Company

Conveyor Components Company is a world-renowned manufacturer of quality conveyor accessories for the bulk material handling industry. Our product line ranges from conveyor controls, motion controls, level controls, to conveyor belt cleaners and aeration pads. We have been in business since 1965. Our products are commonly used on overland conveyors, shuttle conveyors, stacker conveyors, feeders and bucket elevators. Products include pull cords, belt alignment controls, zero speed and under speed controls, belt rip detectors, bin alarms, flow switches, skirt board clamps, and tilt level controls.

Delta CleanTech Inc.

Post combustion CO2 capture, solvent reclaiming, methane destruction, carbon credits.

Diamond Scientific

Diamond Scientific is a veteran-owned company specializing in the sale of BioGas analyzers, detectors, and accessories, with decades of experience in the field!


"Global leader in CCUS advisory; Risk assessments Technology qualification and verification Capture, transport and storage standards and certification CO2 NG pipeline re-purposing MMV plans, verification Techno-economic studies Cost benchmarking"

Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Dorsey & Whitney’s Food, Beverage and Agribusiness and Energy and Natural Resources groups serve clients in nearly all industries with vast experience and a deep history of achievements. We assist clients across numerous carbon platforms including carbon capture, utilization and sequestration, carbon markets, low-carbon renewable fuel and energy production, climate-smart and sustainability practices including carbon credit generation, measurement and verification programs, and ESG best-practices under capital markets, banking, insurance, and state/federal laws. Our vast knowledge of these industries and experience in the agribusiness, renewables, and energy sectors allows us to better help clients achieve success.


EcoEngineers is a clean energy consulting and auditing firm. We deliver clean energy production across multiple industry sectors with our systematic, proven 360° approach. We hold a deep understanding of what drives innovation and investment in clean energy projects, and our team of experts will guide you through the project development process from concept to commissioning. Our 360° project approach has evolved through hard-earned experience and unites our talented team with our core strengths — training and education, regulatory engagement, life-cycle analysis, asset development consulting, compliance management, and audit — to deliver the results you seek and the return you count on.

Energy Integration Inc., LLC

Energy Integration Inc. offers technology for improving process energy efficiency through integration and recapture of waste heat. We electrify, decarbonize, and save energy in industrial processes delivering bottom line profits and exceptional environmental benefits.

Energy3 International, LLC

Energy3 International, LLC (E3i) is a US based global green energy and fuels development company. E3i is a lead developer for ESG sensitive projects in North America, South America and the Middle East. Their proprietary systems can produce renewable transportation-grade liquid fuels from a variety of waste streams including MSW. E3i's system solutions are carbon negative thus meet all government and private industry ESG requirements for CO2e reduction.


"Equinox provides feasibility studies, financial and techno-economic modeling, business plans, strategy, planning, and project development services to the bio-conversion and agribusiness industries including biofuel, bio-chemicals, and agricultural value-added projects. Equinox is dedicated to providing experienced advice, exceptional analytics and strategic development for its clients across the US and internationally. We work with our clients in projects including: - Financial Planning & Analysis - Project Development - New Business Formation and Startup - Strategy & Capital Planning - Operations Management - New Technology Analysis – CO2 projects, Fractionation, Cellulosic, High Protein Distillers Grains, Biochemicals"

ESI Inc. of Tennessee

ESI is a services and project execution based solutions provider for Organizations active in the steam, power, and energy industry. We provide full service Engineering, Design, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning solutions for our customers utilizing our experienced team of over 80+ registered professional engineers/design specialist on staff. ESI performs 100% of our Engineering and Design in-house with an elite “Special Forces” staff having extensive experience with the complete Project Lifecycle, and with middle and upper management staff having over 300+ years working together as a Team at ESI.

Ethanol Producer Magazine

Since 1995, Ethanol Producer Magazine is the ethanol industry’s premier trade journal. With its commitment to editorial excellence and high-quality print production and distribution, it is widely recognized as the business-to-business publication of note throughout the global ethanol industry. With compelling profiles, insightful news and commentary, and engaging features on plant optimization, research, science, technology, equipment, environmental health and safety, compliance, marketing, policy and industry events, Ethanol Producer Magazine is the magazine ethanol producers turn to.

Exchanger Industries Limited

"Since our founding in 1961, Exchanger Industries has built a reputation as a globally recognized designer and manufacturer of shell & tube and air-cooled heat exchangers in the gas, oil and petrochemical industries. We are known for superior execution, unwavering product quality and a relentless focus on improving customer project profitability. We are committed to building on our 60-year track record of delivering heat transfer solutions that increase efficiency and reduce costs. Our international customer base ranges from Fortune 500 oil & gas companies to cutting-edge renewable energy start-ups. They rely on our unmatched experience to deliver cost-effective, innovative solutions for even the most difficult heat transfer problems."

Fagen, Inc.

With vision and commitment unsurpassed in the industrial construction field, Fagen, Inc. has evolved from what was a small agricultural contractor into a nationally recognized employee owned construction powerhouse. The company’s standard for quality, safety, and service has led Fagen, Inc. to be consistently listed in the Top 400 in ENR’s largest contractors in the USA. Specializing in full EPC wraps to its clients, the company self performs civil, structural, siding, insulation, millwright, piping, instrumentation, and electrical. Striving to be the construction company most admired by our customers for our people, partnerships, performance and finished product, Fagen, Inc. is ultimately building a better world for tomorrow.

Fagus GreCon, Inc.

"The GreCon product brand a market leader in the development and manufacturing of preventive fire protection systems, measuring equipment, lab testing equipment and inspection systems for many industries - including the wood-based panels industry. Fagus GreCon Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Alfeld/Hanover, Germany with offices around the globe including North American office in Charlotte, North Carolina. All business units operate worldwide and offer customer support on the job-site."

FCI Financial Services, Inc.

We provide equipment leasing and financing for businesses to get necessary equipment

Fluid Technology Solutions (FTS) Inc.

"At FTS H2O we focus on helping industrial customers unlock process water from unconventional sources -- reuse of plant effluent, high recovery, brackish groundwater desalination, enhanced water recovery from RO reject. And our systems minimize brine volume requiring disposal from site. Our plants combine combine conventional and novel membrane technologies with other water treatment processes to economically provide the highest levels of fresh water for process use available. Learn more at"

Forest Concepts, LLC

Developer for novel solutions to address the critical issues needed to make the new bioeconomy economically sustainable. Crumbler(r) size reduction, woody biomass baling, advanced drying systems.

Foss & Company

Foss & Company, a leader in tax credit financing, has partnered with a world class subsurface and storage provider to provide a powerful one-stop solution for carbon capture and storage projects. Foss & Company and our partners possess the full spectrum of research, development and financing capabilities that will open doors to a market segment not fully utilized.

Franklin Howard

Franklin Howard International is a diversified energy services company providing products and services to the midstream, upstream and downstream sectors of the Oil & Gas industry. Founded in 2005 with offices operations in the United States and West Africa, our mission is to provide products, engineering and the facility support you need to ensure production runs smoothly.


FutureMetrics is the leading consultancy in the wood pellet sector. Substituting pellet fuel for coal in pulverized coal power plants is the ONLY pathway to negative CO2 emissions while generating baseload power.

GECA Environnement

"Consulting firm specialized in biochar and pyrolysis, we are consultants and carbon project developers for carbon removals utilizing biochar. We market and sell these high-value credits. We work on projects ranging from woody biomass pyrolysis to digestate and manure gasification and more. Yes, all these are eligible for carbon credits. We also specialize in pyrolysis, torréfaction and gasification technologies and do project development consulting."

Georgia Adobe LP

"The future is sure to bring us all, much higher energy costs. Counter those expenses, by allowing Georgia Adobe to design & build you a custom Alternative Energy fuel system, to fit your needs. It's possible to affordably, make your own fuels from low cost, free and even local recycled materials and we specialize in this. We can even ship to you, a self sustainable energy system in a container, a ready to use, almost anywhere in the world. For more information & a Free First Consultation, contact: Joe Woodall, Founding Partner at Georgia Adobe LP. Commerce GA 30530 USA Telephone: 001-706-363-6453 email: [email protected] Online at:"

Geospace Technologies Corp.

Carbon storage monitoring


"Glanris manufactures a patented, sustainable, low-cost water filtration media made from rice hulls, the world's most extensive agricultural waste product. We pyrolyze the rice hulls and activate the remaining carbon and silica with special carboxyl groups. Our media can remove organic contaminants from the water like activated carbon does, but can also remove dissolved metals as ion exchange resins do, but at a fraction of the price. We are carbon negative and our carbon credits are for sale on the Puro Exchange ("

Global Drilling Resources

GDR is located in the energy capital of the world, Houston Texas. Our experienced team of professionals with the knowledge and expertise can assist sourcing all of the products and services needed to run your oilfield & gas operations.

Gravitas Infinitum

Gravitas Infinitum is an impact Holding company focusing on humanities most challenging problems including Solid Waste and atmospheric carbon capture. Carbotura offers landfill and municipal waste elimination services with zero emissions at no cost. Optional carbon capture to advanced nano-biomaterials add on available. Featured in Reuters Responsible Business USA and Sustainable Finance Europe in 2021. Also selected as the world's top50 Most innovative new companies out of 130+ countries.

Green Carbon Technologies, LLC

Biodiversity and Energy Free Carbon Sequestration

HEMCO Corporation

HEMCO Corporation’s modern manufacturing and distribution facilities combined with our many years of experience uniquely qualifies us to provide Laboratory Fume Hoods, Lab Furniture, Vented Enclosures, Modular Clean Labs and Emergency Showers. HEMCO offers U.L. 1805 classified Fume Hoods. HEMCO is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and a member of the Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association (SEFA). HEMCO looks forward to serving the life sciences, academic, pharmaceutical, chemical, aerospace, government, and research markets.


"Hexas is a biomaterials company focused on the production of regenerative, plant-based raw materials that replace wood and fossil fuel-based materials in multiple applications. Applications for our plant-based materials include: energy, chemicals, packaging, textiles, composites, structural/non-structural products, bioremediation, and more. Hexas has developed a farm-to-fiber™ platform for the reliable delivery of our XanoFiber™. We produce this fiber from our proprietary varieties XanoFiber™ can supplement or replace wood, corn, and fossil fuel-based feedstocks in multiple applications while providing the same or better performance at a lower cost without the need to alter existing manufacturing systems."

Husch Blackwell

"Husch Blackwell has assembled a multidisciplinary team of attorneys with deep energy industry experience to help clients overcome legal and regulatory challenges to CCS projects. Our team includes attorneys with subject-matter expertise in corporate, real estate, midstream energy and transportation, ethanol, construction, tax, and environmental law, and we are capable of guiding clients at every project phase associated with CCS. Our team is skilled at multistate CCS projects with complex tax credit (including California Low Carbon Fuel Standard), project finance, and offtake components. We routinely work with project owners, operators, investors, lenders and other participants to get and keep projects on track."


Insuring nearly 1/2 of the US ethanol production, we have become the premier experts in the country when it comes to carbon capture, 45Q and LCFS.

Industrial & Environmental Concepts (IEC)

Cover and Liners. Design and installation services for ponds and tanks.

International Biomass Conference & Expo

International Biomass Conference & Expo is the largest gathering of biomass professionals and academics in the world. The conference provides relevant content and unparalleled networking opportunities in a dynamic business-to-business environment. In addition to abundant networking opportunities, the largest biomass conference in the world is renowned for its outstanding programming—powered by Biomass Magazine–that maintains a strong focus on commercial-scale biomass production, new technology, and near-term research and development. Join us at the International Biomass Conference & Expo as we enter this new and exciting era in biomass energy.

International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo

The FEW provides the ethanol industry with cutting-edge content and unparalleled networking opportunities in a dynamic business-to-business environment. As the largest, longest running ethanol conference in the world, the FEW is renowned for its superb programming—powered by Ethanol Producer Magazine —that maintains a strong focus on commercial-scale ethanol production, new technology, and near-term research and development. The event draws more than 2,000 people from over 31 countries and from nearly every ethanol plant in the United States and Canada.

IQA Solutions Inc.

IQA’s proven system of project planning, management, and controls with emphasis on quality of work delivers on-time and on-budget results. Our project systems are specifically geared to efficiently execute EPC contracts. We get it right the first time to minimize costly recycle and rework in all project phases.

Jenike & Johanson, Inc.

"Jenike & Johanson is a consulting and engineering firm specializing in the storage, flow, and processing of powders and bulk solids. We have the world's leading lab facilities for conducting flowability testing and understanding key flow and processing properties of adsorbents, including all kinds of forms of solid amine-based, zeolite-based, silica-based, carbon-based, metal-organic framework-based, and alkali metal carbonate-based, MgO, CAO, and alkali-ceramic-based. We are your trusted advisor for process conceptualization, functionalization, process modeling and engineering, as well as project de-risking for any portions that deal with reliable solids processing."

Kentucky Department of Agriculture

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture works to assist Kentucky companies and producers to market their agricultural commodities and value-added products around the world. Along with other External Organizations, we are available to point to Technical Expertise & Tools, link up Financial Assistance, foster Networking Opportunities, and assist with Market Research.

Keystone International Capital Cunsulting Group

Keystone is a Global Manager for the Project Finance Exchange

Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP

Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP is an approximate 700 attorney international general practice law firm with 22 offices in 4 countries specializing in energy, chemical and infrastructure project financings, private placements, capital markets, municipal tax exempt and taxable bond offerings, US and state government loan guarantee transactions, environmental regulatory compliance, IP, tax, construction, government relations, among other areas. Kilpatrick has major transactional, IP and regulatory focuses on sustainable aviation fuel, renewable diesel, clean gasoline, biodiesel, renewable natural gas, renewable hydrogen, renewable chemicals, bio-based products and other liquid, gaseous and chemical products.

Kutak Rock LLP

Kutak Rock’s Energy group serves clients across the energy sector with corporate, energy finance, regulatory, securities and tax credit law services. Our clients include a wide range of renewable energy developers and investors, and some of the industry’s most recognized names building, owning and operating large, utility-scale projects, regional developers focused on distributed renewable generation and micro-grid installations, as well as renewable fuels, bio-gas and co-generation facilities. With over 500 attorneys and 19 offices across the US, attorneys from Kutak Rock’s corporate team collaborates to help clients acquire, develop, construct, permit, operate and sell companies and renewable energy assets.

Life Cycle Associates, LLC

"Life Cycle Associates is an independent business and environmental consulting firm specializing in life cycle analysis of fuel production pathways. We help you analyze the complex nature of energy and environmental issues in a transparent manner. What sets us apart? We have over seventy years cumulative experience in alternative fuels, fuel production processes, fuel certification, delivery logistics, and environmental impacts combined with extensive expertise in model development and process design. Life Cycle Associates has supported over 100 fuel providers through fuel certification under several programs including the California LCFS, the U.S. RFS2 and the European RED."

Linde, Inc.

World leader in the supply of Hydrogen and Carbon Capture technologies for power, steam, SMR's, ATR's and POx Tecchnologies.

Luminate, LLC

Luminate is a technically based management consultancy providing engineering, commercial and environmental services and solutions to the power, energy and renewables markets.


50 years of project management experience in 3D seismic design and field QC, wellsite design, surface and mineral permitting, environmental permitting, GIS, and mapping hazards.

McGrath North

McGrath North is a client-driven law firm supporting business in the Midwest and across the country. We have a long history of working with both traditional and renewable energy sector participants and have worked on projects in both sectors. We provide strategic legal counsel on a comprehensive range of issues including finance; mergers and acquisitions; energy regulation; transmission; siting development; licensing and permitting; environmental project construction and design; land use and zoning; eminent domain; operations and maintenance; fuel supply and transportation; commodity-related contracts and agreements; economic incentives; and arbitration/litigation.

Merjent, Inc.

Merjent, Inc., is an environmental and safety consulting firm at the forefront of carbon capture project development. We have extensive experience with pipeline permitting and routing, public participation and outreach, program/plan development (SPCC, FRP, contingency plans, RMP, SSP, EAP, ERP, safety programs), capture facility permitting, RFS 3rd party engineering reviews, and LCFS applications.

Methanology AG

"Methanology‘s goal is to develop a patented bio-catalytic technology device converting carbonized water and atmospheric CO2 to e-methanol, adding electricity from renewable sources and later sell/distribute this device to store energy in liquid form. Methanol currently is the basis of all our industrial and mobility needs: – Converting it back to electricity by fuel-cell when needed – Using it as an e-fuel for current and future combustion engines (cars, ships, planes, construction machines, furnices, etc.) – Methanol is the basis for thousands of industrial processes (plastics, chemistry, pharma, etc.)"

MicroBio Engineering, Inc.

MicroBio Engineering Inc. is a research, development and commercialization company in te field of microalgae and biological CO2 capture and utilization, including air sources.


MicroBioGen develops superior yeast biocatalysts for a wide range of industrial applications, including bioethanol production. Already proven in Gen 1 biofuels with our partner Novozymes, our unique platform technology is highly customisable. We offer non-GM and GM options, and our platform technology can be applied to sustainable human food, animal feed, probiotics, biochemicals, space exploration and more. Recently, we successfully completed an Australian Government funded Gen 2 biocatalyst optimisation project to facilitate the conversion of ethanol plants to fuel-and-food biorefineries. If you are looking to collaborate with a fast-growing biotechnology company focused on continually improving our yeast products, contact us today.

National Carbon Capture Conference & Expo

The National Carbon Capture Conference & Expo is a two-day event designed specifically for companies and organizations advancing technologies and policy that support the removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) from all sources, including fossil fuel-based power plants, ethanol production plants and industrial processes, as well as directly from the atmosphere. The program will focus on research, data, trends and information on all aspects of CCUS with the goal to help companies build knowledge, connect with others, and better understand the market and carbon utilization.

Navigator CO2 Ventures

Navigator CO₂ Ventures is a midstream infrastructure company focused on providing industrial customers in the Midwest with innovative carbon capture and storage solutions.

Northern Crops Institute

Northern Crops Institute (NCI) started in 1979 as a collaborative effort among the states of Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota to promote, develop, and market crops grown in this four state region. NCI is now an international meeting and learning center that unites customers, commodity traders, technical experts, and professors for discussion and education. Since 1983, over 133 nations have sent participants to NCI who are government representatives, private industry agriculture workers, or from other commodity utilization industries.

Olson Search International, Inc.

Olson Search International is the premier professional executive search and recruiting firm serving the forest products, mass timber and biomass-based renewable energy industries, and Carbon Capture businesses throughout North America and Europe. With more than thirty years of successful results, our retained search group will provide you with focused and individualized service, taking a custom approach that recognizes and respects the corporate culture and goals of your company.

Pacific AgriTec, LLC

CO2 reduction from industrial combustion sources utilizing an algae photo bio-reactor. Proven process after 5 years of testing at Michigan State University on boiler flue gas.

Pellet Mill Magazine

With more information on pellet mills than any other publication, Pellet Mill Magazine offers regular features that highlight the very latest developments in all facets of the industry.

Precision Combustion, Inc.

Company focuses on providing a total solution in the direct air capture space, incorporating expertise in sorbent development, integrated with other critical components including but not limited to substrate and substrate coatings, resulting in tailor developed modules designed specifically to customer requirements.

ProFlow, Inc.

Modular Fluid Process Equipment Design and Fabrication.

PuriFire Labs Limited

"PuriFire Labs provides a patented cryogenic CO2 exhaust emissions capture (EEC) system that extracts carbon dioxide from post-combustion flue gas emissions. Our solution is non-invasive bolt-on carbon capture technology that could be retrofitted onto any flue stack. We are focused on the cement, steel, and shipping industries as well as coal powered plants."

Redecam USA, LLC

Redecam USA offers a complete portfolio of air filtration and flue gas treatment (FGT) solutions, helping customers worldwide meet their air emission reduction targets rapidly and cost-effectively. We also specialize in customized retrofit, transformation and upgrade solutions that offer a cost-effective, high-performance alternative. Our track record is strong, with over 2000 projects, including every continent. Redecam USA offers all engineered APC systems needed in the iron and steel industry: air filtration systems that surpass PM (NESHAP) requirements and FGT solutions that are up to 98% effective. This includes our Mercury Adsorption System, Dry Injection Desulfurization system and DeNOx and Carbon Capture solutions.

Soil Reef LLC

Biochar - Consulting, Marketing & Sales

Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox PLLC

Based in Washington, D.C. and renowned for more than four decades for dedication to the protection, transfer, and enforcement of intellectual property rights, Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox is one of the most highly regarded intellectual property specialty law firms in the world. Its team of attorneys, patent agents, students, and technical specialists include some of the country's most respected practitioners of IP law tackling innovations across a broad spectrum of industries. The firm’s practitioners hold over 50 masters and over 50 doctorate degrees in science or engineering and represent Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, start-ups, inventors, venture capital firms, and universities in a client service driven environment.

Strobel Fabrication

"Strobel Fabrication is a full-service ASME certified steel fabrication facility with expertise in custom skid design and fabrication, pressure vessels, piping systems, support and structural steel, transloading equipment and specialty coatings. Strobel can design and fabricate for a wide range of industries including power generation, oil and gas production, renewable fuels, chemical, ethanol, petrochemical and more. Whether you need an enclosed control room, a mobile unit for crypto mining or blockchain operations or a motor control center, we can provide top to bottom manufacturing support with modular structures. We can build to your specifications or engineer and design a specific climate controlled solution to meet your needs."

Summit Carbon Solutions

Summit Carbon Solutions will drive job growth across the Midwest, reduce emissions, and provide a substantial boost to the ethanol and agricultural industries that are so critical to the U.S. economy. In early 2021, the company announced a partnership with dozens of ethanol plants across the Midwest. Utilizing proven technology, Summit Carbon Solutions will capture carbon dioxide before it is emitted into the atmosphere and channel it to North Dakota where it will be permanently and safely stored deep underground.

Sustainable Energy Solutions, A Chart Industries Company

Cryogenic Carbon Capture™ (CCC) is a post-combustion technology that removes up to 99% of CO2 emissions from point sources producing a high-purity, liquid product ready for transportation and use. This unique patented process uses Chart’s expertise in heat integration and equipment manufacturing to capture CO2 effectively at about half of the cost of other technologies on the market today.

Syntek Resource Corporation

Global consulting services specializing in the renewables, energy, environmental, agricultural & natural resource sectors. Projects - biomass, renewables, oil & gas, mining, wastewater treatment & potable water industries, technologies across sections. Specialties: Capital Sourcing, Strategic Planning, Technology Transfer, Debt Financing, Equity investment.


"Sysadvance conceives technologies and manufactures integrated solutions for gas separation such as N2, O2, Medical Oxygen 93 and O2 VSA Generators; Helium, Hydrogen and SF6 Purifiers. Sysadvance’s Energy division develops technologies for Biogas Upgrading, CO2 Capture and Purification, Green Hydrogen for electrolyzers and photo-electrolyzer and Methanation for e-Gas. Since its foundation in 2002 the company has grown as a result of its customer-centric strategy and its superior technology and reliability proven by +3000 PSA systems operating worldwide. With highly qualified technical personnel and a strong R&D culture, Sysadvance strives to deliver state-of-the-art technology to its clients in more than 40 countries world wide."

Tecenex Co.

Processing, storage, and transfer emission controls and systems. Combustion controls and systems. Modulating air systems.


The Tecnored process is an innovative technology, with 103 registered patents in 27 countries. The Tecnored technology produces similar quality pig iron to the blast furnace in a comparable fashion, by feeding fuel (coal or carbon) and iron ore agglomerates into a furnace, together with hot air fed through tuyeres.

The Appalachian Renewal Project

ARP is driven to develop a “Playbook” for creating sustainable uses of the 1.5m acres of reclaimed surface mine area in Appalachia

The Nielsen Group

"Ken Nielsen is a licensed professional engineer with over 40 years’ experience in manufacturing, engineering and construction. He serves as president of The Nielsen Group. a consulting engineering firm with a focus on energy reduction. Services include but are not limited to energy audits, efficiency improvements, utility rebates, certifications, feasibility studies, process engineering, project development, project management and technical due diligence. Clients include forest products, minerals, power, manufacturing, biofuels, green chemistry, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, schools, hospitals and commercial facilities. The Nielsen Group is familiar with both conventional and renewable energy."

TRC Environmental Corp.

"The world is advancing. We’re advancing ahead of it. TRC is a global consulting firm providing environmentally conscious solutions powered by the latest technology. From pipelines to power plants, city streets to schoolyards, clients turn to TRC for breakthrough thinking backed by the steadfast follow-through of a 50-year industry leader. Today we offer groundbreaking yet grounded business consulting and applied technology that help our clients design, power, connect and fuel the world forward. About Our Team: We are more than 5,500 technical professionals and support personnel serving 140 offices throughout the U.S., U.K., Canada and China. Our teams are made up of some of the most requested and sought-after experts in the business."

Trihydro Corporation

Trihydro is a national consulting firm that routinely tackles complex engineering and environmental challenges for the private and public sectors. Our technical diversity and experience, regulatory expertise, and successful project delivery have earned us the reputation of being one of the top engineering and environmental firms in the country. Trihydro maintains a staff of more than 500 personnel, 21 offices, and staff resources in 27 states. Learn more about us at

True Eco Sdn Bhd

"True Eco offers environmental solutions for industrial wastewater and waste treatment with focus on biological reactor and carbon capture. The system solution can be a closed loop system, which means the reuse of the treated wastewater and energy through biogas harvesting. The biological systems integrated with biogas/ biomass utilization facilities are turnkey solutions developed in Malaysia, sustainable with low operating costs and maintenance requirements."

We enable farmers to access Carbon Credit Markets for Soil Organic Carbon sequestration

University of Edinburgh

"Research University of global excellence. Analytical equipment for reservoir and seal evaluation, at subsurface conditions. Brine, CO2, hydrogen flow in core at subsurface conditions; 3-D triaxial stress test cells. Innovative capture processes and chemical engineering scaleup. Also leading R&D on hydrogen storage evaluation, salt caverns and porous media Wide range of CCS R&D expertise through the CCS chain from geological storage, site appraisal, geophysical monitoring, to petrophysical measuremt, process engineering and chemical engineering, social perception, national economic policy, energy policy, and climate change policy, carbon budgets, life-cycle analysis, education and training"

US Oil & Gas Technology Group

"*Convert CO2 to natural gas process technology. We are research, development, engineering solution(Troubleshooting ), production and finance company. We specialize on Natural gas and Syngas treating(dehydration and sour gas removal), NGL, LPG, module LNG, power generation, accidental investigation. The following is our technology: Oil sludge solution, CO2 convert to natural gas, Low temperature heat recovery, H2S scrubber(dry base), SO2 scrubber, H2S to S(Claus process) and APC(advanced Process control). Project funding is our niche. Please contact for finance detail."

Vallourec USA Corporation

Worldwide leader in pipe, connections, services, and welding.

Valverde Power Solutions Inc.

Valverde Power Solutions is a Clean Energy Company using leading edge technology to deliver electric power and Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage (CCUS). VPS has entered into a Master License agreement with Clean Energy Systems (CES), which gives us exclusive rights and access to the “Rocket Technology” for use in developing selected clean energy projects. We are working to be part of the diversity of solutions to eliminate carbon pollution while delivering an efficient source of energy for a more productive and sustainable world.

Vanguard Global Enterprises, Inc.

Vanguard Global is, a Florida, USA based, Commodity Procurement firm doing business worldwide.

Vectra Technologies T&S (Vectra-Tech)

Dynamic and Futuristic company caring for the environment and climate, in collaboration with our associate partners offering integrated solution for renewable energy products and services, including Solar Energy, Wind Power, Tidal, Geothermal, Bio-Mass, Hydrogen, Hybrid Power from Renewables/ Non-conventional energy sources; complete solutions for Carbon Capture and Backup Batteries systems.

Viking Pump

Viking Pump was founded in Cedar Falls, Iowa in 1911. We are a 111 year old company and the inventor of the internal gear pump. Today, Viking Pump is a unit of IDEX Corporation and a global pump manufacturer with facilities throughout the world. Our Energy Segment specializes in pumps designed specifically for energy applications such as pipeline injection and gas dehydration. Our broad experience in these applications sets us apart from the competition.


Full service accounting firm with extensive knowledge of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). Our diverse industry practices and service offerings come together to serve Weaver clients with deep industry experience, offering valuable insight into forces driving the energy transition. Key areas of focus include, CCS project planning and implementation assistance, consulting related to obtaining the 45Q tax credit, and assistance with post-operational monitoring.

Weaver and Tidwell, LLP

Weaver is a full-service CPA firm with offices located throughout the U.S. Weaver’s Energy Compliance Services practice is dedicated to helping businesses navigate compliance with evolving regulations. Transportation fuel regulations governed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Environment and Climate Change Canada, California Air Resources Board (CARB) and various other agencies are substantial areas of focus for our practice. We have extensive experience with traditional petroleum-based fuel programs as well as renewable fuel programs rooted in the Clean Air Act, Low Carbon Fuel Standard and other regulations and energy transition initiatives. We help companies understand regulatory requirements and maintain compliance.

Western Plains Energy, LLC

Western Plains Energy, LLC is a biofuel production company located in Oakley, Kansas. We have a strong focus on sustainability and the reduction of carbon for our process and the products we produce.

Wolf Carbon Solutions US

Wolf Carbon Solutions is an affiliate of the Canadian energy platform, Wolf Midstream (Wolf), a $4 billion multi-faceted energy infrastructure organization based in Calgary, Alberta. The company is committed to transforming the future of carbon reduction through the development of world-scale CO₂ infrastructure in the U.S. and Canada.

Wolf Material Handling Systems

Wolf Material Handling Systems has provided complete engineered bulk material handling systems to the pulp and paper, power generation, resource recovery, solid waste, mining, chemical, and manufacturing industries. Wolf has a unique experience handling many types of bulk material including coal, biomass, MSW, RDF, ash, wood chips, logs, fertilizer, and construction debris with an understanding of each material’s specific properties and challenges. This diversity allows Wolf to develop a customized system that is cost effective in operation and maintenance over the life of the system. We design and manufactures conveyors, stacker reclaimers, truck tippers, receiving hoppers, and other material handling equipment included in a system.


Yilkins’ solutions upgrade biomass and organic residues to produce bio-fuels and other high-value products. Valorisation and cascading of biomass residues is our leading principle. Based upon our proprietary technology, we have brought drying and torrefaction processes to the next level, creating secure, more sustainable 24/7 working installations. Our technology platform is multifunctional and offers solutions in the field of drying, torrefaction, gasification, biochar and separation of residue streams. We enable integral and flexible concepts to bring the best customized solution to every customer.